• UP-GRADE BS-SCENE: Up-grade Black Sea Scientific Network, EC FP7 Research Infrastructures, 2009-2012.
  • RADPAR: Radon Prevention and Remediation, EC Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, contract nr 2008 1217, 2009-2012
  • PERGAMON: Permafrost and gas hydrate related methane release in the Arctic and impact on climate change: European cooperation for long-term monitoring, European Concerted Research Action COST Action ES0902, 2010-2014 (www.cost-pergamon.eu)
  • INTAS: Assessment of the Feasibility of CO2 Storage in the Russian Permafrost, INTAS N 06-100025-9220, 2007-2009
  • Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Belgium): Radon mapping of municipalities located in potential risk zones in Belgium, 2004-2008.
  • EC FP6: Black Sea Scientific Network (BLACKSEASCENE), contract No 022868, 2005-2008
  • INDUWASTE: Management and Remediation of Hazardous Industrial Wastes in the Western Balkan Countries, EC INCO SSA Contract n° 515919, 2005-2006, IBES coordinator.
  • INTAILRISK : Assessment of Environmental Risk for Use of Radioactively Contaminated Industrial Tailings, contract n° INCO-CT-2004-509214, 2004-2007, IBES coordinator.
  • CRIMEA: Contribution of High-intensity Gas Seeps in the Black Sea to Methane Emission in the Atmosphere, contract n° EVK-2-CT-2002-00162, 2003-2006, IBES participant.
Assessment of the Feasibility of CO2 Storage in the Russian Permafrost

The purpose of the project is to assess the feasibility and capacity of CO2 storage in the northern territories of Russia underlain by permafrost.

Based on the experience that has been gained by EC projects in the investigation of experimental sites for CO2 storage, it has assembled information on the particular conditions of the permafrost, and it has evaluated how these conditions influence - in a positive or a negative way – the process of CO2 storage.

Considering that the northern territories of Russia are the site of intense oil and gas exploitation, the project also has considered the compatibility of CO2 storage with the oil industry.